Hear What Others Have To Say About Dr Sean R

It is unusual to have someone who can cross the divide and have the empathy for what is required for
alignment across a high performance team environment and the commercial reality of a sporting franchise.
Sean gets it and has delivered results in some of the most difficult environments you can imagine.He is trusting,
knows what is required for a high performance culture to flourish, and he adds significant value in a pressured
environment where you need a cool head. Sean was a major part of the Saints playing in 3 AFLPremierships,
including a record-setting 20-2 win loss regular season and re-establishing the club as a highly respected
environment where players and staff enjoyed working. I can’t recommend him highly enough, if you want to
improve your performance. He is very good.

I have known and worked with Sean Richardson since late 2006, in my capacity as captain of the St. Kilda
Football club. In that time, Sean played a major role in transforming the culture of the playing group. He
designed and delivered a high performance leadership program for the players and coaches that set the
foundation for our success. Sean was a constant sounding board and expert advisor for all of the
players, junior and senior, for both on-field performance issues, and off-field personal issues, which
became particularly important during our participation in consecutive Premierships.He remains someone
I seek advice from regularly, and I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking to get more out of their
individual or team performance.

As high performance/leadership consultant, Sean worked closely with myself on all related issues at
the Saint Kilda Football Club. Sean played a significant role in our football club’s on-field success.
Specifically, he introduced key concepts that resulted in huge cultural change at this club.
Sean has developed a great ability give clear and concise feedback from his observations, which most
importantly highlight the priority needs of the team and individuals. Sean’s advice has been, and continues
to be, instrumental to our success.Having moved to the Fremantle Football Club at the end of 2011, I was
clear that Sean would be required to continue as a consultant and mentor to me to help drive the
new team to success.

Working with Sean as a business mentor has changed my whole world, and because Sean is also a
psychologist we can switch seamlessly from business strategy & tactics to personal. It’s seamless
because we work in a very safe and non judgmental space. With his help, I have been able to uncover
limiting beliefs and practices, challenge them and develop new ways of thinking & working.
I now know that working 1 on 1 with the right mentor is the most important (and powerful) investment
you can make if you are serious about doing the best work you can do, living a healthy life and
generating great income. I am delighted to have been able to establish this relationship with Sean.

Sean creates and implements leading edge ideas on human performance, and he is both a masterful
presenter and effective teacher delivering his intellectual property. What makes Sean exceptional is his
total commitment to excellence, coupled with his deep understanding of human behavior. He is a stand
for integrity and authenticity, and he operates with genuine humility. If you have the chance, work with
Sean. You won’t regret it!

Sean was a breath of fresh air as a speaker at our annual conference. Having attended quite a few
conferences over my career, I found Sean refreshing, direct and humble at the same time. Sean is a
professional in how he approaches his work, but also a confidante that you can entirely trust in. Sean
has been a great value add to our organization, and I would recommend him to any company.

A brief note of thanks for the excellent presentation you gave at our annual Sales and Marketing
Conference last week. Your key messages around sustaining performance worked perfectly with
the team and linked nicely to our overall conference theme.
What impressed me most was your easy style and ability to hold your audience, linking relevant
day to day examples that people could easily relate to with key  behaviors, through to outcomes.
You provided an invaluable part to our conference and left over 250 people highly motivated to
engage and make a real difference – my sincere thanks!

Dr. Sean Richardson gave an excellent keynote address, which set the tone for our annual summit and
conference. His unique background and perspectives on leadership were a perfect ft for leaders and
potential leaders in our industry. His presentation was extremely well choreographed and professional.
His ability to command an audience’s attention combined with a superb audio-visual presentation was
very effective. We particularly appreciated the effort he made to engage and understand our audience in
his pre-presentation preparations. As a result, we received a polished, motivating keynote that spoke
directly to our audience and our issues.