Work Hard Smarter for Maximum Energy Health Performance
Shift mindset and behaviours for health and performance! Develop your knowledge on optimizing human energy, based on elite performance science, so you can get more out of yourself & your teams on a daily basis – reduce fatigue, prevent burnout & increase energy, motivation, focus, fulfilment, results!

Building Personal Excellence and Resilience to Achieve Big Goals
Resilience for high performance – staying ahead of the evolutionary curve – applied brain science & mindsets, lessons from elite professional sport, professional dance & music, and successful executive teams, for bouncing back from adversity & bouncing forward with opportunity to achieve personal excellence

The Fundamentals of High Performance Teams – 5 Myths and 5 Principles
Developing insight into what drives high performance results from a brain science perspective, and how to build a team culture of excellence. We uncover the top 5 myths, active today, about what creates a high performance team, and the top 5 principles to use in response to the myths.

Workplace Accountability Conversations – Dealing with the Tough Stuff
Apply the latest research from behavioural science to turn your crucial communication about performance, health & safety and accountability from agonising to awesome. Get sustainable results from your feedback conversations, and inspire others to achieve top results, using effective communication tools.

Custom Presentation Content
Sean work with organisers and business leaders to develop seminars, workshops and keynote presentations that are tailored to the key themes and deliver on the objectives of your conference. It all happens in the context of excellence, but the tailored approach ensures your audience is totally engaged and you achieve the ultimate success for your event.

Sean is not just out to inspire audiences, but also to embed take home skills that apply immediately to your life, personal and professional, to create the following outcomes:

〮increased effectiveness 〮improved motivation 〮increased accountability culture 〮high morale 〮breakthrough results 〮increased creativity and innovation 〮happier customers, fans & supporters 〮reduced sick/injury & mental health days 〮 decreased burnout 〮improved team cohesion & conflict resolution 〮increased individual satisfaction 〮high performance teamwork 〮improved skill development 〮improved performance under pressure 〮