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How’s your People and Culture Strategy working for you??

  WE ARE NOT ROBOTS!!!! Too bad… it would make things easier…. We are humans, subject to errors, failures and all sorts of unpredictabilities. So WHY do so many businesses fail to invest adequately in their people? Fail to get them to peak performance every day?? I have worked with leaders in business across a […]

New Years Resolutions: PASS or FAIL? – 3 Tips to Get it Right

As we begin another year, there is often a sense of hope for an improved version of what has gone on before. Creating New Years resolutions to make your life better has become a tradition in many parts of the world. Some New Years Resolution stats: Top 5 New Years resolutions for 2014 1 Lose […]

Mental Toughness: Turning Disadvantage to Advantage

This is a picture of Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent winning gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics – Redgrave’s 4th Gold in successive Olympics – inspiring! I grew up in the shadow of an Olympian – my father. He was pretty good at accomplishing big goals, and even better at pushing himself when things got […]

Big Why – One Goal

BIG WHY I have been spending a lot of time talking with my business partner, Joe Roberts, about the ‘big why’ – the purpose for being here on the planet. What is the big reason I exist? What is my driving purpose? What is yours?… AND if we can figure that out… what can you […]

Fail Going 100% – Actions before Results

Results Matter Whether you are trying to achieve your quarterly budget or win the Stanley Cup, there is no doubt we are out there to produce results. Why work so hard if it is not to get rewarded with the thing you have been striving so hard to achieve? I have been a competitive athlete […]

The Paradox of Mental Toughness

‘Weak is tough’ – Have you ever noticed, when you are not doing too well, that admitting to someone you are struggling is often harder than simply brushing them off with “I’m OK”? The paradox of mental toughness is that it takes real courage to admit to weakness; it is much tougher than putting on […]

Depression is NOT the enemy of high performance

Depression is not the enemy… and is by no means unconnected to high performance We might even consider that feeling depressed could be part of the body’s survival mechanisms kicking in to take care of you, telling you to slow down and take a rest when you are feeling physically, cognitively or emotionally overwhelmed. When […]

The Arduous Path toward Excellence

What makes achieving excellence challenging in any domain in life? To begin with, it is ABNORMAL. It is against our instincts. That’s right – it is NORMAL to be lazy! In fact, laziness is an effective survival strategy under certain circumstances… WHEN might that be? Let’s take a look: Consider that the more primitive parts […]