Typically, you will seek me out because you want to…

  • lift personal performance
  • make a significant positive shift in some aspect of your life
  • build a culture of high performance within your business, organization, team, or family


  • you have found you are facing roadblocks, particularly around mindset, energy and health, feeling burnt out, stressed out and under-performing
  • you never have enough time to get work done, no quality time for family and no time at all for you
  • you just want your life back

You likely work in a high demand environment: fast-paced business, high-stakes healthcare, professional competitive sport, or professional performing arts. Yet, you may also fit the profile of a “normal” person simply striving to get through life more powerfully.


When will you know it’s time to work with me?

You are feeling completely burnt out, there is nowhere left to turn, you are ready to throw in the towel, and you don’t know what to do about your own life or others’ lives  around you.

You or your team are in a slump, previously having reached higher levels, but now feeling stuck.

You believe you have potential, but you have been inconsistent in achieving the results you want from yourself and/or others around you on your team.

You are going along quite well in your position and in your life (you may even be at a peak), BUT you want to know what it takes to step up to the next level in performance.


What industries or performance realms do you come from?

High-Demand Business Environments & Industries

You are a likely a highly driven leader, pushing and being pushed to reach for higher performance, possibly in ultra-competitive markets, like high tech or property development, or the rigidly demanding banking and finance, engineering, legal and policing sectors, the exciting and volatile markets of energy production, or the fast paced, unpredictable world of being a start-up entrepreneur.

Competitive Sport

You are a professional athlete or coach (or aspire to become one) and simply you strive to be #1 in the world. For 18  years now, I have worked with athletes, coaches, CEOs, GMs and other leaders in professional sport, helping them and their teams go to #1.

Professional Performance Arts

We don’t often think about the demands on the singers, dancers and musicians in the world; you are one of these talents and you know how hard it is. I have spent over 18  years consulting to  professional ballet companies, dancers and staff, and working with actors, opera singers, rock bands and soloists; you endlessly pursue that perfect move, routine, note or performance.