I deliver the solution to break through health and performance roadblocks and achieve excellence


Product Overview

I create programs, based on my Doctoral research expertise, and ongoing learning and applied experiences, based on the human energy foundations of high performance, to help you move from stress, burnout and mental & physical health issues to peak performance.

I work with you to solve the key people problems in the workplace, the critical human barriers on the sports field, and the often hidden roadblocks to success in personal and family life.

Client Pain

Some Problems I Work With

  • Managing personal energy for high performance seems straightforward: work hard, but stay healthy with good nutrition and some physical activity, get enough sleep and make sure there are some enjoyable activities in the diary; however, if you are like many in high demand professions, you are getting overly-fatigued, suffering loss of motivation, burnout and illnesses or injuries, often leading to under-performance, increased errors, decreased productivity and unplanned leave, on top of that you are sacrificing your family life and personal relationships, feeling guilty about all of it, and wondering if you will ever get back the energy and freedom to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work
  • You have set goals to make a significant change in your life, and have tried to get into action to achieve those goals, but somehow find yourself back where you started months to years later. You keep telling yourself you just need more time, but seem only to have less of it, you end up feeling you are a serial under-performer, inconsistent or not quite delivering the ever-stretching targets, and short of quitting your job to go and work as a barista, you just don’t know how to fix the problem to lift your performance.
  • You are facing challenging emotional stuff in your life, which threatens to derail almost everything going on around you, your family, your relationships, your career, your mental health, but you don’t know what to do about it
  • You want to work well with others, but you keep bumping into tension and conflict in multiple relationships across your life
  • You have been promoted to a key leadership position because you are good at your jobs… but, even though you know you have excellent technical skills, you haven’t developed the human skills, to be the role model and leader you want to be to build a team of high performers around you
  • You want to build a high performance culture and accountability system with your team, but are getting frustrated by human issues, people failing to deliver as expected
  • You could be so much better even though everyone believes you perform well, you know that you have so much more potential, but you don’t know the next step to take

Product Examples

My Solutions

  • A retainer-based relationship to implement energy health performance solutions across your workplace to lift productivity and amplify performance under pressure

  • A full-scale leadership training program, based in energy health performance and the psychology of excellence, to develop high-performance, leadership skills in professional athletes and coaches to help individuals and teams go from average to #1

  • A strategically-led, high-performance culture implementation, involving your entire organization, to substantially lift the level of performance across the board

  • A motivational keynote at the annual conference to get everyone into a high-performance frame of mind, leaving you and your people with take home tools to increase energy, and drive high performance for the months and years to come

  • An exclusive one-to-one coaching relationship (I only take on 10 executives per year), to give you the latest tools to take you to a new level of performance, capable of achieving more than you have thought possible personally and professionally