my mission is to bring out the extraordinary in people

I help executives, business owners and working parents transform stress, burnout and underperformance to energy, high performance and freedom at work and at home

your position

You are a business leader, executive, and high performer… AND you may also have an active home life as a parent, committed partner, or person with a lot of things on the go

the current challenge

You are under constant pressure to deliver on the demands at work and at home…

You want to be at the top of your game professionally, with your business, and personally, with your partner, family and life commitments…

BUT you are finding it hard to get what you want…

You are stretched too thin, and never have enough time to do things the way you like to…

You are going a million miles per hour just trying to stay afloat, and you may be feeling guilty about sacrificing quality time with the ones you love…

You may be dealing with mental and physical health issues…

You are potentially contemplating your escape, quitting your position and getting a job as a barista…

the desired future

You need to find a way to go from stress, burnout, and overwhelm to energy, fulfillment and high performance

You need the energy and resources to be the elite performer at work and the champion partner, parent, and person at home, who you aspire to be…

Ultimately, you want the FREEDOM to enjoy the hard work you have put into life…

When you work with me, I help you develop the fundamentals – scientific insights, mindsets, and comprehensive methodology of energy health management, grounded in performance science and psychology – for breaking through your biggest roadblocks, so you can achieve your biggest goals.

I don’t help you solve a part of your energy, health and performance challenges. I help you solve the whole problem.

I hold a passionate belief in possibility for people, that there is more in you than you can see. I am driven by an obsession with human excellence, a fascination with human roadblocks, and a commitment to helping people resolve the roadblocks to high performance.

A bit about Dr Sean R

I see a future where transformative education and experiences are accessible to all those open and willing to do the work to perform at higher levels, to make their lives and the lives of those around them better, whether that is business leaders, top athletes and professional coaches, dancers and musicians, or moms, dads and individuals.

  • PhD - Overtraining, Burnout, Stress and Injury

    I  wrote a 108,000 word PhD (never thought I would finish it!!) on overtraining, burnout, stress, and injury. Now I take the lessons learned from my research and help people to get the most out of their personal energy and motivation.

  • Community Hero

    During my 10 years living in Australia, I received a “community hero” award for saving the life of a drowning woman. The thing is, I don’t feel I am a hero. I do feel lucky that the universe gave me such a gift. It is an overwhelming feeling to be there for someone in their most dire time of need – I am honored to have been chosen on that day.

  • Constant Determination

    Missing out on my Olympic dream because of injury was tough, but it has made me even more determined to fulfill my even bigger dream of helping people to change their lives for the better, to find that bit of excellence that is in them.

What others say about Dr Sean R

Working with Sean as a business mentor has changed my whole world… I now know that working with the right mentor is the most important (and powerful) investment you can make.

Sean has delivered results in some of the most difficult environments you can imagine. I can’t recommend him highly enough, if you want to improve your performance. He is very good.

Sean is not only a professional in how he approaches his work, but also a confidante that you can entirely trust in.

Sean played a significant role in our football clubs’ on-field successes. Sean’s advice has been, and continues to be, instrumental to taking 2 teams to #1. .

What impressed me most was your ability to hold your audience… you left over 250 people highly motivated to engage and make a real difference!

Sean played a major role in transforming the culture of our playing group. He remains someone I seek advice from regularly, and I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking to get more out of their individual or team performance.

What makes Sean exceptional is his total commitment to excellence, coupled with his deep understanding of human behavior.

Dr. Sean Richardson gave an excellent keynote address, which set the tone for our annual summit and conference.

TED Talk in Victoria


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