If you have made it to this page, you are likely looking at some way to connect with me – and I would love to hear from you! I am the kind of guy that may surprise you with my accessibility. One of my goals in life is to say yes, far more than no. I will get back to you personally when and where I can. So send me an email. Ask me a question. Provide me some feedback. Hire me for your conference keynote or book me for a 1-1 session.

If you are wondering about whether you can meet me or work with me face to face, the short answer is that I love to travel. I have lived, studied and worked in Australia for over 10 years. I am a Canadian, based in Vancouver and travel around the great white north. I also get across the border fairly frequently to connect with some awesome US neighbors to the south. Actually, having travelled most of Europe, made visits to Scandinavia and Asia, I can say that there aren’t too many places I wouldn’t love to go to for my work.

 Want to find more immediate ways to connect with me directly? I also get online with webinars, hangouts, Q & A forums, and 1-1 coaching sessions. Check out my availability on the calendar or book a private appointment.

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