Typically people seek me out because they want to lift personal performance, make a significant shift in some aspect of life, and/or build a culture of high performance within their business, organization, team, or family. Many of my clients work in high demand environments: fast-paced business, high-stakes healthcare, professional competitive sport and performing arts. Many of my individual clients are also the “normal” people out there just trying to get through life more powerfully.


When will you know it’s time to work with me?

You believe you have potential, but you have been inconsistent in achieving the results you want from yourself and/or others around you on your team.

You are already going along quite well (you may be at a peak), and you want to know what it takes to step up to the next level in performance.

You or your team are in a slump, previously having reached higher levels, but now feeling stuck.

You are feeling a bit lost (or completely so), unsure what to do about your own life or others’ lives  around you.


What industries or performance realms do you come from?

High-Demand Business Environments

I and my colleagues have done more than a bit of work with the highly driven leaders out there – those of you who want to push for higher performance from yourself and your staff  – that may be in the ultra-competitive worlds of high tech and telecommunications, the rigidly demanding banking and finance sectors, the exciting and volatile markets of natural resources and energy production, or the fast paced, unpredictable world of consumers goods and service.

Professional Performers

We don’t often think about the demands on the singers, dancers and musicians in the world; you are one of these talents and you know how hard it is. I have spent over 12  years consulting to  professional ballet companies, dancers and staff, and working with actors, opera singers, rock bands and soloists; you endlessly pursue that perfect move, routine, note or performance.

Individual Achievers

Sometimes everyday people just want to feel better and get better at what they are doing – many of you are seeking significant improvement in some part of your life – whether you want to eradicate feeling anxious or depressed, want to get on top of your health and fitness, work out how to perform better as a parent, or want to accelerate your career, you just want better results, period.

High Pressure Organizations

We have spent some significant time supporting leaders in the relentlessly demanding healthcare world; maybe you are a nurse supervisor, a doctor, an administrative leader or a surgeon – in your profession, you are always under pressure.

Competitive Sport

For 12  years now, I have worked with athletes, coaches, CEOs, GMs and other leaders in sport at the professional and competitive amateur levels; simply you strive to be #1 in what you do.