I provide the custom solution to help you to achieve excellence


Product Overview

I put together keynote presentations, coaching, training and development programs, based on knowledge of human performance & the psychology of excellence to solve the key people problems in the workplace, the critical human barriers on the sports field, and the often hidden roadblocks to success in personal life.

Product Examples

My Customized Solutions

  • A one-off workshop or a multi-engagement training program to develop high-performance human leadership skills in the key players

  • A strategically-led, high-performance culture implementation, involving your entire organization, to substantially lift the level of performance across the board

  • A retainer-based relationship to provide support where needed for the deeper personal stuff that people face

  • A motivational keynote at the annual conference to get everyone into a high-performance frame of mind that they can leverage for the months and years to come

  • A one-to-one coaching relationship with one of your key leaders to give them the latest tools for driving performance with a human touch

Client Pain

Some Problems I Work With

  • There seems to be a group in any workplace, sports team or organizational unit that are serial under-performers, inconsistent or not quite delivering on the objectives, and short of firing them, leaders don’t know how to fix the problem to lift their performance. People set goals to make a significant change in their lives, and many get in action to achieve those goals, but somehow find themselves back where they started months to years later
  • People in the workplace, on a sports team, in an organizational unit, in a family, within a performance company, part of a band, or working through life on their own, all face challenging emotional stuff from time to time in their lives, which threatens to derail almost everything going on around them, but they and their supporters don’t know what to do about it
  • Managing personal energy for high performance seems straightforward: work hard, but stay healthy with good nutrition and some physical activity, get enough sleep and make sure there are some enjoyable activities in the diary; however, in many high demand professions people are getting overly-fatigued, suffering loss of motivation, burnout and illnesses or injuries, often leading to sub-par performance, increased errors, decreased productivity and unplanned leave or unnecessary retrenchment
  • People want to work well together, but tension and conflict still arise in predictable workplace circumstances and times of year
  • People get promoted to leadership positions because they are good at their jobs… but, even though they model excellence in technical performance, they haven’t developed the people skills, particularly in having the tough feedback conversations,  to achieve excellence in human leadership
  • Organizations, businesses and sports teams invest in creating high performance cultures and accountability systems, but still get frustrated by human fallibility, with people failing to deliver as expected
  • Top talent in the workplace or on the sports ground can, and do, perform well, but their leaders and coaches know that these “special ones” could be so much better, but are not sure how to get past the unseen barrier

Product Solutions

Effectivity Training

Applying the Human Energy EcosystemTM to manage personal energy to prevent fatigue & burnout, and optimize performance.

Headstrong Mental Toughness

Building RQ – the resilience factor –  in the workplace to ensure your team has what it takes to evolve and grow stronger through change.

Dealing With The Tough Stuff Program

The flagship program, based on our best-selling book with the same title, to help leaders, managers, coaches (and parents for that matter) get results from the crucial conversations, particularly around performance feedback.

The Accountability Game

Learning and applying the rules of the accountability game, integrating brain science and human factors, to drive high performance culture.

The One Goal Program

Understanding and implementing THE model for achieving excellence in your domain.

Thought Leadership Curriculum

How to capture, package and deliver the best thinking in your organization to produce results and gain competitive advantage

Inspired Accountability Leadership

The ins and outs of delivering ruthless performance leadership with a human touch that both inspires and drives people to reach unexpected levels of performance

Mental Health in the Workplace

The essential knowledge on identifying and responding to the emotional stuff that can take out the best of us

Elite Teams Leadership Program

The architecture and game-plan for developing extraordinary leadership and team in your organization

The Core Product IP

 Even though I will customize a solution that best fits  your needs, I have created a number of ready made, top-shelf solutions that have been blowing the lid off performance for individuals and organizations for years now. Seriously… this stuff has helped some to reach #1 in the world at what they do! Some of this IP, whether delivered as a keynote, workshop, or 12 month program,  just might be the right fit for you